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From time to time I make use of the auction function on eBay. I thought I would promote a few of the listings I currently have ongoing. Whilst the main constituency of my stock is listed at fixed price on ABE, I tend to use eBay for different purposes. One effective use I have deployed is selling job lots in a specific field, or by a particular author. This has proven a decent means by which I can get a little for books on topics outside of my speciality without having to resort to giving them away or chucking them out. If space were not an issue the need for such activity would be minimal, but alas I do not have that luxury, so am happy to offer up some bargains, if it means clearing volume. I have also used eBay to sell some particularly rare items, the exact value of which I may be unsure of. In fact my best ever sale came through this medium, as I was able to sell the first three parts, of the first edition, of Baden-Powell’s famous handbook Scouting for Boys, for  in excess of £1000. In such cases the auction facility really comes in to its own.

None of my current listings are anything like the Baden-Powell in nature, but I try to keep a fairly steady flow of listings on eBay so it may be worth keeping an eye on for those in search of particularly rare items. My current listings can be viewed here. Several of the lots currently ongoing are detailed below:

23 science fiction novels


27 issues of literary magazine Granta


9 James Hadley Chase, hardback novels


The Great Composers and their Music. Volume 1 Parts 1-6
Dilemmas of a book dealer (1)


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