Lewis, Ben & Lih, Lars T. (2011), Martov and Zinoviev. Head to Head in Halle (November Publications: London). 1st edition. Paperback. Condition: New. 228pp. Illustrated. £10

“We are on the field of battle. The audience in the hall is divided in two sections: it is as if a knife has cut them sharply in two. Two parties are present.”

Grigory Zinoviev’s description of the Halle congress of the Independent Social Democrats (USPD) in October 1920. Would the USDP and its 700,000 members opt for the Third International or attempt to stay a halfway house floating uneasily between communism and official social democracy? The Halle congress would decide.

Here is another book I hold new copies of in stock. I was at school with Ben Lewis, and got to know him through shared political activity whilst I was at University in London. This is his first published work, compiled in conjunction with renowned Lenin scholar, Lars T. Lih. The main body of this book is given over to translations of the speeches delivered by Zinoviev and Martov to the Halle Congress in 1920. Lewis provides an introductory essay placing the events in context, whilst Lih supplies profiles of the two main protagonists.

Some comments on the work:

“A political drama of the highest order … I could not put this book down.”
Professor Bertell Ollman, Dept. of Politics, NYU

“Ben Lewis and Lars Lih are to be commended for making available to a new generation these speeches at the 1920 Halle congress of the USPD, one of the most remarkable moments in the history of the European socialist movement.”
Peter Hudisco-author of The Rosa Luxemburg Reader

“At a time when the left still remains far too ignorant of the events of the German revolution and its aftermath from 1919-1923 it is a great thing when a young scholar and activist like Ben Lewis makes available the record of the Halle congress in English.”
Ted CrawfordRevolutionary History Editorial Board

“An important contribution to the history of communism by a promising young scholar working alongside the highly-respected Lars T Lih.”
Daniel Gaido, co-author of Witnesses to Permanent Revolution

A small selection of other titles I have in stock on the communist movement between the wars:

Taylor, Simon (1983), Germany 1918-1933: Revolution, Counter-Revolution and the Rise of Hitler(Duckworth: London). 1st edition. Paperback. Condition: Very Good. viii + 131pp. Illustrated. Marking to back cover. £4

Grunberger, Richard (1973), Red Rising in Bavaria (Arthur Baker: London). 1st edition. Harback. Condition: Near Fine in Very Good dust jacket. 164pp. Contains 15 illustrations. Spine faded to price clipped dust jacket. Minor bumping to board corner. £8

Sobolev, A. I. et al. (1971), Outline History of the Communist International (Progress: Moscow). 1st English-language edition. Hardback. Condition: Very Good in likewise dust jacket. 563pp. Illustrated. Marking to dust jacket. Binding slightly cocked. £10

Coates, Ken (1978), The Case of Nikolai Bukharin (Spokesman: Nottingham). 1st edition. Paperback. Condition: Good. 104pp. Contains frontispiece and illustrations. Binding slightly loose. Slight marking to back cover. £3

Kun, Bela, Revolutionary Essays (Reprinted from Pravda by B.S.P.: London). Paperback. Condition: Fair. 46pp. International Socialist Library, no. 15. Back cover and rear prelims stained, but all text can still be read. Top of prelims appears to have been nibbled by a creature, but it does not infringe upon the text. £3

Basso, Lelio (1975), Rosa Luxemburg. A Reappraisal (Andre Deutsch: London). 1st English-language edition. Hardback. Condition: Very Good in likewise dust jacket. 183pp. Marking to dust jacket, boards and top edge. £3

Jackson, Julian (1990), The Popular Front in France. Defending Democracy, 1934-38 (Cambridge University Press). Reprint. Paperback. Condition: Very Good. xvi + 353pp. Creasing to page corners. Binding cocked. £15

If you are interested in any of the above titles, or anything else I have in stock, please
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